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Meet Barry Caraway

The inventor of Hat Saver

Many inventions are developed to solve a problem and Barry’s problem was every time he played a round of golf, his new hat would be ruined by sweat stains.   Sure, you can wash a hat to remove sweat stains but there were no products available to prevent sweat stains on hats.

Barry and his team developed a non-toxic formula that prevents stains on hats, it’s easy to use and economical too.  Imagine paying over $40 for a hat only to have it ruined by sweat. That is no longer a problem.  Use Hat Saver and extend the life of your hat indefinitely.  Each can treats 6-8 hats.



Hats Saved

Hats have feelings too! Save them!

What people are saying about Hat Saver

Hat Saver is the best product to protect against Sweat Stains and keep your hat looking like new.

Patricia Smith

Fashion blogger

Training everyday means I seat a lot!  I will be using Hat Saver on every hat I purchase!

James Vanderpool


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