Tie Saver


Protect your expensive investment with the invisible shield of Tie Saver!

  • Just one application of Tie Saver provides lasting protection for your tie
  • Sprays on invisible
  • Will not harm fabric
  • Works on 100% silk ties
  • Don't risk the accidental splash and spill that will ruin your expensive ties
  • Simply wipe your spills away!
  • One can treats 6-8 ties
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back!

How does Tie Saver work?

Tie Saver Stain and Sweat Repellent repels stains from food spills, water, dirt and oily stains. It is likely that something will be splashed on your new, expensive tie at some point when you least expect it. A tie protected with Tie Saver can limit your exposure by simply wiping off the splash or spill. One can treats approximately 6-8 ties. Other uses include armpits and collars of shirts.

Directions for Use:

Tie should be dry and clean. Hold can upright 5 inches from tie and spray evenly over time where stains and spills are most likely to occur. Wait 5 minutes and apply one more light coat to ensure even coverage. The investment in your tie is now protected from those inevitable spills. Periodic applications continue to improve repellency.

Use in a well-ventilated area away from heat and flame. Do not use while smoking. Keep out of reach of children.

Performance Guarantee

If unsatisfied with this product for any reason, obtain a full refund by calling 1-888-HAT SAVER for return authorization. Then return unused portion along with your register receipt to your retailer.