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“4 Stars” Golf Magazine – New Products Review
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Don’t Ruin Another Hat

Never be seen in a dirty sweat stained hat again! No more trying to figure out how to remove sweat stains from your hats, because in most cases it is impossible to do, and the hat never looks the same when coming out of a dishwasher. Now, you can protect your hats BEFORE they get dirty with sweat and stains. See how it works!

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Stop Sweat Stains on Your New Hats!

You no longer have to figure out how to remove sweat stains on hats. NOW, you can avoid sweat stains all together. Just spray Hat Saver on the outside of your NEW hat to protect it from sweat penetration and permanent stains while allowing your hat to breathe. Hat Saver repels sweat and stains from ALL types of hats, caps and visors including leather, suede, cotton and straw.

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Just Spray & Protect


“This product works just as advertised! No more sweat or salt stained hats!!!”

“I have always been one that perspires heavily and because of that I have ruined many beloved baseball style hats with sweat/salt stains. I have just used this on four newly purchased hats and worn them in 110° heat index settings here in Southeastern America. I must say this product worked exactly as advertised because I don’t even have just the moisture rings around my hats. As I purchase more hats I also plan on purchasing more of this Hat Saver product! Thank you Amazon for offering this wonderful product!”