Matt Peck - 8/18/20
I bought a 3 pack last time. I have a testimony that this really does work!
Marty Weakley - 8/14/20
I have had it on my black hats for years now and only retreat once before summer. Never had any sweat stains and I spray it under the bill and all around the sweat and area on the outside. Never have to wash my hats.
Joe Torres - 8/12/20
Works Great! Exactly what I have been looking for. Will definitely buy more. 
churchj50 - 8/11/20
Stuff works. Used to sell the heck out of it at the Edwin Watts golf shop I worked at. Repeat customers every time after their first try of it. Especially in the summer months. 
Brian Keller - 8/12/20
This stuff is unbelievable! I gush sweat and ruin hats all the time. With this spray not a drop shows on the hat or the bill! AMAZING!
Robert Madison - 8/2/20 
This product is great. I sprayed my hat 20 minutes before my round. The day was hot and humid and I was sweating pretty good, but my hat showed no sweat stains. 
wallywithawig3 - 8/1/20
Listen Up. THIS STUFF IS FOR REAL!!! Received my 1st can, applied to visor before golf, ordered 6 more cans while on the 14th hole. Incredible product. LEGIT STUFF!! 
hu5krs1 - 7/31/20
It works!!! Used it on 3 hats and wore one hat for 2 rounds of golf and zero sweat stains on my hat! 
Terrance Jones - 7/16/20
Yes. I must admit, it DOES work!