Here is how to use Hatsaver. A quick guide to making sure you use the product the right way: 

Hatsaver repels sweat, water, dirt and oily stains and keeps the sweat in the headband where it belongs. No more yellow stains on white hats AND no more white salt stains on dark hats. Hatsaver is the only product of its kind designed specifically to protect your hat from sweat penetration and permanent stains while allowing your hat to breathe.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to keeping your hats looking like new!
You will no longer have to try to wash out those ugly sweat stains from your hat. After washing, hats never fit the same. With Hat Saver, the stains will not appear! Follow these simple instructions to keeping your new hats looking like new:

1. We recommend applying Hat Saver only on a Clean New Hat.
2. Spray Hat Saver ONLY on the OUTSIDE of the hat. Do Not Spray on the Headband on the inside of the hat. The Headband is where excess sweat was designed to go. So we do not want to treat that.
3. Spray Hat Saver on the areas where you would normally sweat. We recommend spraying the entire bill of the hat, up about 2 inches on the brim of the hat, around the sides and back. However, if you normally sweat out the entire hat, then treat the entire hat.
4Spray 2 LIGHT Coats. One Light coat over the areas you would like to treat. Let it fully dry, then apply another Light coat to the same areas. (Spraying on heavy is not recommended! Could cause bleeding of alternate colors.) For extra protection and polyester fabric you can add another coat. Let it completely dry and your hat will be protected. (If you missed a spot, wash spot, Re-Apply as necessary)
5. If you have any questions, email us at

    Thank You and Enjoy your new hat looking good and stain free! Order again at

    Written by Blade Commerce

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