How to Apply Hat Saver for Maximum Effectiveness: A step by step guide on how to properly use the spray for the best results

Understanding Hat Saver

What is Hat Saver?

Hat Saver is more than just a spray; it's a revolutionary product designed to protect your hats from sweat-induced damage, ensuring they last longer and stay fresh. The science behind Hat Saver involves creating a barrier that repels water and prevents stains, which is essential for maintaining the pristine condition of your hat.

Benefits of Using Hat Saver

Using Hat Saver can significantly extend the life of your hats, keeping them in excellent condition despite frequent use. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a fashion aficionado, applying Hat Saver ensures your hats always look their best, safeguarding your investment in quality headwear.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying HatSaver

Preparing Your Hat

Before you begin, make sure your hat is completely dry and clean. Hat Saver is most effective when used on new hats, but it can also be applied to previously worn hats after they have been thoroughly cleaned of any sweat and dirt. Ensure your cleaning method does not compromise the integrity of the hat.

How to Apply Hat Saver

  1. Position the Bottle Correctly: Hold the Hat Saver bottle approximately 2-3 inches away from the hat.
  2. Spray the Hat: Apply three even coats of Hat Saver to the outside of the hat, focusing particularly on areas where the bill connects to the hat body, common spots where sweat accumulates. Make sure to spray enough to dampen the fabric without soaking it. This helps create an effective barrier against moisture.
  3. Drying Between Coats: Allow the hat to dry completely between each application. This step is vital as it lets the spray set properly, building up a strong layer of protection with each coat.
  4. Final Drying Time: After applying the final coat, let the hat dry for 18 hours to ensure the HatSaver has completely set. This drying period is essential for achieving the maximum effectiveness of the product.
  5. Reapplication: Periodic applications of Hat Saver can improve the repellency over time. It's advisable to reapply the spray especially after the hat has been exposed to extensive use or cleaning.

Safety Precautions

  • Important Warning: Do not spray Hat Saver on the headband inside the hat, as we want the sweat to stay in the headband.

Following these detailed steps will help ensure that your hat remains protected from sweat and the elements, maintaining its appearance and extending its life significantly. Remember taking the time to apply Hat Saver correctly is an investment in the longevity and quality of your headwear.

Written by Barry Caraway

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