I would like to thank everyone for their purchase and continued use of Hat Saver. We are happy to help keep your favorite hats looking new!

As we all know, Hat Saver works excellent for keeping sweat from staining your hat and allowing your hat to breathe. We are continually testing different applications for Hat Saver to find added benefits. Here are a few of the items that we found to be very effective when treated with Hat Saver

You wouldn’t necessarily think of this, but with the heat and humidity that we saw particularly this past Summer, it seems like anything you wear is going to be soaked with sweat very quickly. There were many times when my shorts would be soaked with sweat from the waist to ¾ of the way down. One thing I found was that the sweat was also soaking my leather belt and eventually causing it to crack and fade. I bought a new leather belt and treated it with 2 light coats of Hat Saver on each side. I wore it all Summer and the belt still looks like new. I have a friend that wears a cloth belt which can easily absorb sweat. We treated that belt with 2 light coats of Hat Saver on each side letting it dry in between coats and the results were amazing. The belt still looks like new!

Shoes are a garment that take a lot of abuse on a daily basis. Hat Saver works very well on shoes to protect from water and stains while allowing them to breathe. I have been applying Hat Saver to my tennis shoes and golf shoes for years. I have found that it makes the tennis shoes much easier to clean and protects them from getting soaked in wet climates. It really helps to protect golf shoes from the early morning water on the golf course or when you get caught in the rain. Hat Saver works on leather or fabric material. Just spray 2 light coats of Hat Saver on the outside of your shoes to help protect from water and stains. Re-apply as necessary. 

Protecting any gloves with Hat Saver is excellent, particularly if you are using them in areas where it rains a lot or if you are in the snow. Hat Saver works very well on leather and fabric gloves to protect them from getting soaked in snow or rain. Specific examples would be Ski gloves, snow gloves, work gloves, etc. Just spray 2 light coats of Hat Saver on the outside of your gloves letting it dry in between coats to help protect from water and stains. Re-apply as necessary.

Golf Gloves:
Protecting a Golf glove with Hat Saver is one test that I had going on this Summer. If you play golf in the Summer, you probably know that a typical golf glove will get destroyed pretty quickly with sweat and the leather will crack and eventually rip apart. I tried this on a new FJ golf glove this Summer. I used it the whole Summer and there were no cracks in the leather and the glove held up well. But I think this one will come down to personal preference. There are some pros and cons. 


  • Extends the life of the glove from degrading from sweat. 
  • Keeps the glove looking clean and fresh.
  • Helps keep the sweat on the inside of the glove to keep it off of your grip.


  • If your hand is sweating profusely, you can feel like the glove is wet on the inside. That only happened a couple of times when it was really hot and humid from sweat rolling down my arms. On normal situations with light sweat, I didn’t even notice it. But I am going to let you decide if this works for you. Just spray 2 light coats of Hat Saver on the outside of a new glove letting it dry in between coats.

These are just a few uses that I have personally tested that have worked well for me. Hopefully these ideas will be of benefit for you as well. We would love to hear from you If you have used it for any other items. Please reply with those ideas and I can add them to the list!

Thanks again for your continued support of Hat Saver. 

Written by Barry Caraway

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